This book grew out of the authors’ many years of experience
working with clients to develop their competences to lead and
manage internationally and out of the
Developing People
Internationally set of resources
which York Associates created
to support this development.

The Mindful International Manager
Open enrolment and in-house professional development courses to develop the knowledge and competences of the mindful international manager are offered by
York Associates and the Technische Akademie Konstanz. Participants from companies and organisations experience an intensive, individualised development programme, which includes gaining insights into their personal profile of competences by doing The International Profiler and the Team Management Profile.

Developing People Internationally
York Associates also runs
workshops to accredit trainers to use Developing People Internationally (DPI), a multimedia training product designed to help people working internationally to develop their intercultural competences. Accreditation allows trainers full access to the DPI resources.

These resources consist of a fictionalised film showing extracts from the life of an international innovation project. The film focuses on the same success factors which we explore in this book such as giving direction, clarifying roles and dealing with conflict across cultures. They also include interviews with managers working internationally. (We have included short excerpts from these interviews throughout The Mindful International Manager.) Finally, there are a set of tasks and additional reference material which trainers can use to support training and development in this area.

The resources were commissioned by Henkel and HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. They are now available to all of Henkel’s international managers on the company’s ‘click and learn’ intranet site. In Konstanz, the materials form part of self-study modules which support classroom learning in international management programmes.